Other orchestral works


Op. 6 Cassazione. First public performance in Helsinki, 8th February 1904 (Viktor Novck, Orchestra of Helsinki Philharmonic Society under Jean Sibelius). Revised version 1905 (but: "Br omarbetas" ["Must be revised"]).

Jean Sibelius composed Cassazione as a stopgap piece for a concert of his compositions on 8th February 1904. The truly substantial works in programme were the violin concerto (being given first public performance) and Tulen synty (The Origin of Fire). Oskar Merikanto described Cassazione as "fairly insignificant" in his review.

Sibelius rewrote the piece in 1905 but was still not satisfied. The work, which consists of five episodes, was forgotten and it is one of Sibelius's least performed orchestral works.

The opus number is a good example of Sibelius's way of manipulating his image as a composer. He gave the work the "free" opus number 6, although his works as numbered by opus had already exceeded forty.